PerfectMoney out

Dear users:

Unfortunately PerfectMoney payment processor has just deactivated our account and we will not be able to continue operating with that payment processor or continue receiving transactions there. We are also unable to link our platform to a new PM account because it has been absolutely blocked from receiving payments. As a way to solve this problem, we will continue to operate through the Epaycore payment system and we will give users the option to transfer their balance from PM to Epaycore through the internal "exchange" option so that they can continue withdrawing and depositing through of that processor. If you do not have an Epaycore account you can create one at and then configure it in your account here. Its operation is very simple and almost identical to that of PM.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience but this is PerfectMoney's new policy and is beyond our control. They have just deactivated our PM account to process payments because they consider that our platform is "high risk" (new PM policy. Either pay 10% commissions or stop operating with them).

We have that option or finish the project entirely, which is clearly not our goal.

Thank you for your understanding and we will be incorporating new investment methods in the coming days.